Bison Historical Services is a Calgary, Alberta based company, specializing in cultural resource management, archaeology and heritage consulting, as well as contracting services for government and industry. Bison has been a leader in Alberta archaeology for more than 20 years. The combined experience and academic diversity of our staff ensure the broadest range of services to our clients, at an unparalleled value. Our commitment is to preserving the cultural record for future generations to study and enjoy, while providing the means for developers to manage their projects with increased sophistication and cultural sensitivity.


(Historical Resource Overview)
A comprehensive evaluation of the project area in relation to known and potential cultural resources. This evaluation determines the need for ground survey, or can result in a direct clearance for the project, pending approval from Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

(Historical Resource Clearance)
The process by which the consultant (Bison) requests clearance for the clients' project from Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, demonstrating the low potential for impact to cultural resources. In cases where the potential for impact is ambiguous, an HRO may be required to validate an argument for clearance.

(Historical Resource Impact Assessment)
The ground survey of the project area conducted under permit by a qualified professional archaeologist. Through visual inspection and subsurface testing, determination can be made as to the location of known and previously unrecorded resources in relation to the project area. This process can facilitate adjustments to project plans in order to avoid cultural resources. An HRIA will result in a final report produced by the archaeologist describing the results of the investigation and a request for either clearance or further work will be made to Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

(Historical Resource Impact Mitigation)
In cases where avoidance of cultural resources is not possible, excavation of significant archaeological resources is required. Resources will be effectively recorded and removed, and the preliminary analysis of the materials recovered will be compiled into a final report. This report will establish either the need for further mitigative efforts, or the argument for a successful mitigation of those resources and clearance for the project.

Construction Monitoring & Post-Impact Assessments
In cases where development is likely to impact cultural resources which cannot be located through traditional survey and mitigation, construction monitoring may serve as a solution for meeting Historical Resource Act requirements. If construction monitoring is logistically impractical, a post-impact assessment might be made to investigate both the disturbed and intact portions of cultural resources uncovered by development. Cultural resources that are encountered through these processes may require further investigation or mitigation, based on the circumstances of the project and the requirements set forth by Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

Expert Testimony
Testimony can be made in cases where an investigation or trial pertains to Historical Resource Act requirements and the conduct of both client and consulting archaeologist in relation to the project. The role of the consulting archaeologist is to facilitate disclosure between the client and the public sphere or governmental bodies acting in the public interest, thus ensuring the clients' continued cooperation and compliance with the requirements of these parties.


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